F Class Shooting

F Class is the fastest growing target-shooting discipline in the UK and Diggle is no exception.

The course of fire is similar to TR but the targets are much smaller and competitors may use a telescopic sight, plus the rifle can be supported mechanically, front and rear.  Any calibre is allowed up to 8mm but muzzle brakes are excluded.  The equipment has rapidly become more sophisticated and Open class shooters now use full 'benchrest' kit but prone, off the grass.  The F/TR class is limited to the current NATO cartridges (308/7.62mm and 223/5.56mm) and you may only use a simple bi-pod and back-bag.  The F/TR class is the ideal way for new shooters to get acquainted with long-range rifle competition.


Pictured above is a typical F Class Open set-up. Click on any image on the right to view the F Class shooting slide show.