Diggle Competition Calendar


‘A’ range will be available unless marked or 900 yds or greater are being used.

Click HERE for the Mid-week Range in use calendar.

Click HERE for the 2023 calendar.

Click HERE for the 2024 calendar.


To book onto a competition, please email the appropriate organiser:


Minirifle: diggleminirifle@live.com

Underlever: dl.malpas1@btinternet.com

Tactical F Class/Target Rifle: pssafclass@outlook.com

Benchrest: info@ukbra.org

Military Rifle: andy.barnett545@gmail.com

Blackpowder/Quigley: keithbuckley54@hotmail.com

CSR: digglecsr@gmail.com

PSG: diggle_psg@yahoo.co.uk

Sporting Rifle: pssasporting@gmail.com

McQueen: eustance338@gmail.com